Defence Technologies on Land

In the "Land" domain, VDL Defence Technologies plays a crucial role in assembling vehicles for defence purposes and promoting the electrification of mobility, including the development of e-trucks. These efforts strengthen cooperation between the land forces and the Dutch high-end manufacturing industry and contribute to the modernisation of land-based defence technologies.

VDL Defence Technologies is a pioneer in electrifying heavy vehicles and plays a leading role in the Dutch market as one of the largest armour steel processors. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and technical expertise, we are able to develop vehicles that not only meet the highest quality standards, but are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. By integrating electric drive systems into their vehicles, we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting cleaner and more sustainable mobility.

The collaboration between VDL Defence Technologies and the Army is crucial in advancing land-based defence technologies. By working closely with the Army, VDL Defence Technologies understands the specific needs and requirements of the military and can design and produce vehicles that fully meet these requirements. This includes the use of armoured steel to ensure the safety and protection of troops and technological modifications to increase operational efficiency.

Moreover, the electrification of mobility contributes to the modernisation of land-based defence technologies. The development of e-trucks reduces fuel consumption and maintenance requirements, resulting in cost savings and increased operational efficiency. Moreover, this technology also offers tactical advantages, such as reduced noise levels and improved manoeuvrability.