VDL Defence Technologies is "personal equipment"

Personal equipment plays an essential role in defence and security. The combat uniform, bulletproof vests, communication and optical equipment are just a few examples of the equipment used by military personnel. These items not only provide protection, but also enhance the effectiveness and ability of military personnel to carry out their mission successfully.

VDL Defence Technologies helps defence forces protect and facilitate their armed forces by thinking about solutions in an innovative way. We work closely with military professionals and experts to understand what needs there are in terms of personal equipment. We then apply their technological expertise to develop advanced, high-quality equipment that meets the military's most stringent requirements and standards.

Through our focus on innovative solutions, VDL Defence Technologies contributes to increasing the safety and effectiveness of military personnel on the battlefield. Our advanced personal equipment provides not only protection, but also the confidence and ability for military personnel to perform their duties effectively and successfully. With our ongoing commitment to research and development, we remain a key partner for military organisations around the world and contribute to improving global security.