Defence Technologies at sea

VDL Defence Technologies plays a vital role in advancing defence technologies at sea by supplying high-quality products, including very lightweight materials with high strengths. An excellent example of our technical expertise and innovative approach can be seen in the creation of an offshore landing grid for helicopters.

The offshore landing grid for helicopters was designed and manufactured using heavy and strong material. This material was specifically selected for its crucial role in providing safety and stability during landing operations. It is vital that the grating can withstand the extreme conditions at sea, including strong wind speeds, high waves and corrosive effects of salt water. The use of heavy and strong material allows the landing grid to meet these challenges and provide safe and reliable landing opportunities for helicopters.

In addition, VDL Defence Technologies has worked closely with maritime experts and the navy to ensure that the offshore landing grid meets the specific needs and requirements of the maritime domain. Through intensive testing and validation processes, VDL Defence Technologies has ensured that the landing grid meets the highest safety standards and provides optimal functionality in the unpredictable and challenging conditions found at sea.

Delivering high-quality products such as the offshore helicopter landing grid highlights VDL Defence Technologies' commitment to improving defence technologies at sea. Through their technical expertise and commitment to quality and safety, they contribute to the modernisation and enhancement of maritime capabilities and operations. The use of heavy and strong material in the landing grid design is an example of VDL Defence Technologies' ongoing efforts to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for the defence industry.