Defence Technologies and Safety & Security

In the "Safety & Security" domain, VDL Defence Technologies pays great attention to manufacturing vehicles that are essential for security services, such as the police and the Mobile Unit (ME). We specialise in designing and manufacturing vehicles that meet the specific needs of these services, using efficient line production processes.

VDL Defence Technologies has built up in-depth knowledge and expertise in converting vehicles to customer requirements. We understand that different operations involve different needs and therefore modify vehicles to meet these specific needs. This includes adding advanced security systems, communication equipment and other technological solutions to increase operational efficiency.

In addition, VDL Defence Technologies strives for efficiency in their production processes. By using advanced technologies and implementing streamlined production methods, we can deliver vehicles on time and within budget. This enables the security forces to quickly have the required equipment and act efficiently in emergency situations.

 In short, VDL Defence Technologies is a leading player in manufacturing and customising vehicles for security services such as the police and the ME. We offer vehicles that meet the highest standards of safety, reliability and functionality, and we are able to meet the specific needs of each customer. With our expertise and efficient manufacturing processes, we are able to provide high-quality vehicles that enable security forces to carry out their important tasks effectively.